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COVID-19 update from clevercanines

Hello Everyone!  We’re so happy to be getting closer to normal.  Here’s what’s going on now:

As of today, 2020 fall core schedule is posted with TWO options:  Based on our success with our online classes this spring, we will be offering our traditional 3 days per week outdoor format AND a NEW Hybrid option with a blend of online and in-person classes!  Check out our core pages to find out which class will be right for you.

As of June 15th pupstart classes will return to in-person sessions with the exception of the introductory seminar and the first two classes which will be delivered live online.  The online sessions will help clients learn about the tools and techniques in a non-distracting environment to provide handling skills and management necessary to be able to follow the Government of Alberta’s social distancing guidelines.  We had tremendous success with our online versions so look for more full online options in the future!

June TBD club360 classes will resume!  We are currently putting together a schedule of classes and will have them published within the next two weeks.

As of July 7th, our jumpstart program will resume in its regular outdoor in-person classes, with the exception of the Introductory Seminar which will be delivered live online, all following the Government of Alberta’s social distancing guidelines.

NEW!  We have Socialization Package options available for dogs 7 months and younger who are enrolled in pupstart or jumpstart!  We are offering a one time purchase of 5 dayschool visits for only $125!  That is a 40% savings at $25 a visit where regular price is $41.40 per visit!

Thank-you to all of our wonderful clients who have supported us through this very difficult time, we’re not out of the woods yet but it sure feels like we’re a lot closer!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, or want more information, please do not hesitate to call or email us!  We’re here for you!

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