Our recommended training tools

What’s a martingale collar, and why do we use it?



Before you come to any of our training classes we require that all dogs arrive with a properly fitted martingale collar. A martingale, or training collar, is a fabric collar with a small length of circular chain (or sometimes a cloth loop). The chain hangs loosely when adjusted properly.  Martingale collars fit loosely on the neck but tighten ever so slightly, which prevents your pup from backing out of his collar during walks.  The collar provides more comfort for your dog and more control for you, and avoids too much pressure on the trachea that can be caused by regular collars.  This is an extremely versatile collar, as with a loop for your dog’s tags it can be left on safely at all times.

We recommend our favourite retail store, Unleashed, to get your dog fitted and sized for his or her collar before coming to class. Feel free to bring your dog into the store! They also have a great selection of fun colours and patterns to choose from.

We believe that a martingale collar used with a 6 foot leash is the most versatile and appropriate tool for training. This leash length allows you to have your dog close enough to keep safe, yet provides sufficient distance to perfect your basic skills.

Great options for hands-free work

There are a variety of  leashes available today, but we feel that hands-free leashes offer the best balance of flexibility and control.

What makes the hands-free our favourite?

  • Easy adjustments ensure a custom, snug fit around your waist
  • Individualized lengths of leash ensure safety and comfort for all sizes of dog and all heights of people
  • Non-slip material gives you confidence that your leash will never let you down – reinforcing consistency with your dog

All pupstart and jumpstart clients will receive a FREE  trainer’s edition hands-free leash in our signature orange with enrolment!

When you start with the right equipment, you start off on the path to success.