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Paige  |  Kaarma,
August 2017

Instructors were incredible with leash training and really the individual focus to your puppies needs while in a group setting was awesome

Our puppy was fighting the leash before we came,  we now have a puppy that walks without pulling

Tanice  |  Briar,
June 2017

I believe early training and socialization is essential and helps build a solid foundation.  Pupstart combined socialization and playtime along with teaching basic skills and gave guidance to not reinforce bad behaviours.  My puppy is a challenge and I’d have honestly returned her to the breeder if it wasn’t for the support and guidance of Clever Canines.

Ayn  |  Harlow,
June 2017

Your Pupstart program is outstanding and your staff really bring the curriculum to life.  Robin and Steph are animated, energetic and it is very clear that they truly care about their work.  These ladies made the class engaging, fun and really helped me to learn how to be consistent and how to best teach my puppy!  Thank you!

Andrew  |  Rolo,
April 2017

Overall a great class! We truly enjoyed how the material was presented and the amount of time that was allocated to practice each skill. The trainers were great for answering any questions we had and providing helpful suggestions for difficulties we were having outside of the classroom.

Dave & Hunter  |  Bosco,
April 2017

Excellent teaching and training philosophy. Good business front end. Friendly people throughout the organization.  I really appreciated our pupStart instructors support and patience with challenging dogs.  Notably, Bobbie, Heather and Saskia.  They also provided great support for my daughter who is 8 to learn to handle and interact well with the dogs.

Sarah |  Finn
October 2016

We took a pup start on October 2016, at first I must admit I had reservations about it all, because I kinda though I knew what I was doing and our puppy knew most of commands already, but they were not always reliable….. i was wrong, it took only a few classes to see a completely changed puppy, the kind that makes you look good because it is so well behaved in public. Trainers took their time answering to every single question I had even if sometimes I had too many of them, ( sorry :)), they were staying after class for as long as needed, they were available before the class too. Special thanks to Bianca who was in charge of our class! We miss Kira too!

Now a few months after the course ended when problems arise they are still available to answer questions and help without pushing to get private lessons. Huge thank you for that!

It’s been 25 years since I had a puppy, he was obedient (in all ways that mattered to me) but I wanted to “start again”.  I LOVED this class, I have always been aware that we humans were the one’s receiving the training but I think it was helpful for my partner to learn this.  That said, the class (even though I thought I had good basic knowledge) made me feel so much more confident. Jodi, Ryan, Joan and Jordyn were exceptional leaders. Their confidence inspired ours which was instrumental in our ability to further inspire our puppies. I was really impressed by the non-judgmental approach of the instructors, which again, inspires confidence. We couldn’t have had a better experience.

Laura & Brian, dog Cliche Guevara


Jodi and Ryan were both excellent. Course was educational and presented in both practical and fun ways. Jodi indicating that we could contact her anytime,even though classes have ended, with a question or concern over training our dogs is a very nice touch and a excellent way to end a course. Jodi and Ryan added that personal touch by learning the names of all the people who attended along with there dogs names. I came in halfway through the classes and was made to feel welcome right away. Hope to take more classes from Jodi and Ryan in the future.

Dave Oldring 2012

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