The dog you want starts with your puppy today.

The first 180 days of your pup’s life is when you can have the most significant, positive impact on your future relationship. pupstart is the perfect start to training your new dog. Our approach is simple – we help you understand your puppy to establish rules and boundaries based on mutual trust and respect.

pupstart introduces you to a variety of new experiences and activities so you will learn how to communicate effectively with your pup. It also includes a seminar, covering topics that will help you understand what your new puppy needs to thrive. The clevercanines approach focuses on your puppy’s behavior so that you can respect and guide them for a lifetime of safety and happiness.



Here’s how it works.

Our pupstart program has sessions starting every three weeks, and each session is five weeks long. There are two classes per week – Monday and Wednesday OR Tuesday and Thursday. Each class is 1 hour and 30 minutes long. pupstart also includes a 2 hour introductory seminar on development stages, behaviour, and canine signals and communication.

The length and frequency of this class is aligned to the needs of a quickly growing and developing puppy. We help you keep up with their needs and even get ahead in order to set them up for success.

The best time to start formal training is when your puppy is between 12 and 16 weeks of age.  Play behaviour changes around 20 weeks of age, so if your puppy is older than 18 to 20 weeks, we would recommend jumpstart combined with a Socialization Package.  (Small breed dogs tend to still do well in pupstart up to 20 weeks of age, however mid to large size breeds often need jumpstart after 18 weeks of age.)

Here’s what you can expect:



  • Canine psychology – why puppies do what they do
  • Canine communication – learning how to read signals and communication
  • Basic commands – creating an expectation
  • Basic skills – how to set up good habits right from the start
  • Recall – ensuring your puppy comes to you 100% of the time
  • Praise and reward – how to create a partnership based on trust and respect
  • Safety: urban safety, toy and chew safety
  • Greetings: human/dog and dog/dog
  • Socialization: puppy playtime
  • Seminar: puppy development stages, canine communication and signals,  health and nutrition, spay/neuter, vaccinations and more
  • Weekly exercises: confidence building, socialization, getting your puppy focused on you
  • Information on development stages
  • Behaviour problem insights and solutions
  • Handouts and homework
  • Two or three instructors in every class to address your specific issues and concerns
  • Our favourite book – delivered in an easy to access, online format
  • 10% off coupon on your purchase of required gear (leash/collar) from Unleashed
  • Special edition clevercanines hands-free leash  ($50 value)
  • 10% off and early registration privileges for the core program



Puppy must be 18 weeks of age or younger at time of first class.

(Puppies older than 5 months at the start of first class should consider jumpstart.)


5 weeks long, 2 classes per week (10 classes in total each session)

Mondays and Wednesdays OR Tuesdays and Thursdays, weekly

1.5 hour per class; seminar is 2 hours




$475 (plus GST)
(includes 15.5 hours of instruction, and a hands-free leash)

50% off regular price for a second dog from the same house enrolled in the same session.

club360 members can receive up to 25% off.

Graduates of pupstart will receive 10% off the core program and early registration privileges.

Graduates of pupstart are eligible for clevercanines dayschool

NEW!  Socialization Package available for puppies who are enrolled in pupstart!  This package is designed to give your puppy more support during your program. We are offering a one time purchase of 5 dayschool visits for only $150!  That is a 33% savings at $30 a visit where regular price is $45.00 per visit! This is available for purchase when registering for your selected program *visits expire two months after first dayschool visit

Equipment required:

Martingale collar and six foot leash  (an exclusive clevercanines hands-free leash is included)

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