Training can only take us so far.

Amanda with Winston

Amada with Winston



We believe training is more than just working through a behaviour issue or teaching a new trick. Training is something that happens all the time! At any given moment, whatever a dog is doing is an experience where it is learning what it can and can’t do – and it’s up to us to teach them right from wrong, good from bad. It is our responsibility to respect and guide our dogs – to be the leader to help them make good decisions. A dog that understands its role and boundaries is a safe and happy pet for life.

core Canine Olympics

core Canine Olympics

Our approach to training is to share our knowledge and empower our clients with the ability to influence their dogs in a way that their dogs will understand. This is truly a lifestyle approach to living with a dog.

What makes us different?

We believe that understanding canine communication and signals unlocks your potential to have a positive relationship with your dog.

  • Dogs learn first and foremost through body language – not human language. Learning how to communicate with our dogs in a way they will understand comes from learning how to watch, listen and respect their way of communicating.

We believe that there are many different ways to reward and motivate your dog.

  • Typically, we don’t use food because we want you to “be the cookie” – the most desirable reward for your dog! And we teach you many different ways to make this happen.

We believe that working in a variety of outdoor environments builds confidence.

  • Different environments and settings provide your dog with real-life distractions. Our number one priority is to keep our dogs safe, so as we work in unique and challenging environments, our dogs learn to trust us. And, as a result, build confidence in our relationship and cooperation through obedience commands.

We believe that age, breed, size and behavior are NOT factors that determine the outcomes or successes of going through our programs.

  • Removing the descriptors that influence how we behave around our dogs gives us the freedom to better understand them and work with them to experience a relaxed and balanced life.

We believe that support is the difference between short-term progress and long-term success.

  • We stack our classes with experienced people for you to rely on. From instructors, to assistant instructors, to volunteers, you’ll always find yourself in a class with more than one member of our team to turn to for help.

We believe that it’s not about taking a class and being “done”.

  • Just like people grow and change, so do dogs! We have ways to support you through every stage of your dog’s life and opportunities for you to create new goals as your old ones are achieved.

We believe that ANY goal you have for your dog is possible.

  • Our diverse programs offer a variety of ways to engage with your dog in a fun, challenging and rewarding way. And our experienced instructors will work with you to ensure you achieve success on your own terms. All we ask of you is that you are committed to your dog each and every day.