Testimonials. Recommendations. Raves. Support. We’re grateful to all our clients for making the commitment to create a better life with their dog. And maybe their words can help inspire you to have the life you want with your dog, too.

Ashley   |  Jake, Australian Shepherd, Age: 1 year
January 2o18

More helpful than our other training experience that extended over a 5 month period.  the class environment helped jake become a bit more comfortable with the people and the group/ instructors were great. we actually have hope that jake isnt going to be a little monster for forever. we are looking forward to the CORE program.

Jordan   |  Zoey, Labrador Retriever, Age: 5 year

We had tried 2 other methods of training with our extremely energetic and strong willed chocolate lab with absolutely no signs of improvement. A friend told us about Clever Canines so we gave the jumpstart classes a shot. We put the time and work in and began to see results within weeks. Our lab is now 4 years old and our lab behaves better than we could have ever imagined which gives us the confidence to take her anywhere! Great company run by great people!

Leon   |  Charlie, foxhound, Age: 1 year
November 2017

The first time I called Clever Canines I was standing in a parking lot after excusing myself from a wedding reception in Ontario. I was upset and anxious about behaviour my dog sitter had messaged me about during the event.  Bianca was the team member who took my call and she talked me off the ‘bad dog behaviour cliff’. She also gave me some good advice to begin implementing when I was back in town. I registered for Jumpstart the following week based on this phone call.


Bianca taught the seminar and her description of her journey with Bruce Wayne game me a lot of hope about my journey with Charlie.

Rachel and Joe C made the classes fun and offered a ton of support. They made any anxiety I had disappear. I have to give a huge shout out to Joe for basically being Charlie’s other parent during this process. Without his direct support Charlie and I would have really struggled.

Jennifer   |  Chica, German Shepherd, Age: 1 year
May 2013

I received WAY more than fair value and cannot thank the team enough for the encouragement and for re-instilling some confidence in us. I was feeling rather defeated after being kicked out of another training program due to Chica’s reactivity but the clevercanines team (starting before we registered and continuing through the program) has made it clear to me that I CAN still have a life with her, she is NOT aggressive just a Shepherd (curious/suspicious) and thus she does NOT need to be confined to our property. Your team has changed my life, and my dog’s life, for the best!

Brandon  |  Lexi, German Shepherd cross, Age: 6 months
April 2013

This course was phenomenal.  I was a little skeptical at first with it only being 4 classes and a seminar, but that was all that was necessary to get the necessary information across.

Mariette & Brian  |  Sammy, Schnauzer cross, Age 4 years & Frankie, Bichon Frise cross, Age: 10 years
May 2010

jumpstart has taught us how to respect the dogness of the dog and not impose our humanness on them. It wasn’t until this course that we could see the ways that my dogs were running the show and the dogs weren’t happy.   In just two weeks we have turned things upside down and, remarkably the whole family is happier.    We have a common language between species that aids our consistency and our relationships (including between the humans)!

I really appreciated the number of instructors and assistants, all willing to share information. Leading by example was also very powerful.   Watching Frankie listen to another human so quickly was astounding and reassuring that we could do it too.   The atmosphere seems like less of a business but more a community.

I am so glad we finally took the course.  I would highly recommend no one wait. We love our dogs and we knew we were letting them down.  We don’t feel that way anymore.  We have so many tools to support their safety.  Learning about the power of a calm, strong approach is liberating.  I wish I could turn back time so I could have done this 10 years ago with Frankie!

Paula & Brad  |  Blizzard, German Shepherd cross, Age: 2 years & Storm, Labrador cross, Age: 1 year
May 2010

Our walks are sooo much more enjoyable!  Walking was the biggest problem we had with our pack and we aim to walk with them at least 2hrs per day.  We’ve already tried 2 other dog schools and they didn’t even come close to teaching us what you did.  Those small 6 hours just made a HUGE impact for the rest of our lives with our pack.  We will never again have “long extended inspector gadget arms”!  Why didn’t I find clevercanines earlier???  Can’t wait for the 10-week course in the spring!  THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!


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