Two weeks to get on track or just have fun!


It’s never too early, or too late, to start working with your dog. jumpstart is just that – a way to advance your relationship with your dog through education and hands-on activities. In fact, many of our clients say that this program changed their relationship with their dogs literally overnight!

Within two weeks, this program will teach you the basics of canine psychology and behaviour, as well as basic obedience. We’ll help work through your specific issues and challenges. This group class environment supports and encourages you to see the potential your dog has to be a companion that you can take anywhere.


Here’s how it works.

This program starts with a 2.5 hours of online videos and lessons which set the foundation for understanding your dog: why they behave the way they do, and how we may unknowingly contribute to their behaviour.

A few days later, a series of four, 1.5 hour hands-on sessions with your dog puts into action the lessons learned at the seminar.

You are sent home with homework assignments between each class.  You also have access to video recaps of each of the major skills taught during your class so you can ensure your practice at home is correct.  This also is a great help if not all family members can attend the in-person session.

Each class progressively builds upon the skills learned.  Reinforced by your practice, new habits begin to form almost immediately, which helps you develop the pet you have always wanted.

Hetty with Beamer

This class is an intense 8 hour program condensed into 2 weeks, designed for maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time. This session goes beyond the basics, showing you how to teach your dog to learn any command by respecting your dog’s learning process.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Canine behaviour and psychology
  • Understanding your role to keep your dog safe
  • The importance of getting your dog to focus on YOU – and how to do it!
  • Loose-leash walking
  • Basic commands – creating an expectation with sit, down, stay or any other command you wish
  • Basic urban safety
  • Recall – how to get your dog to come to you 100% of the time
  • Learning about respecting boundaries and space, including jumping up
  • Solutions and insights for all your needs
  • Informative handouts and worksheets
  • Two instructors in every class to address your specific issues and concerns
  • 10% off coupon on your purchase of required gear (leash/collar) from Unleashed
  • Special edition clevercanines hands-free leash  ($50 value)
  • 10% off and early registration privileges for the core program

Winter Months:

During the months of November to March we have the ability to move classes to one of our indoor locations in the event of extreme weather, though we do try to hold as many classes as possible outdoors.


Sean with Layla



One 2 hour seminar and four 1.5 hour (90 minute) outdoor classes, all within a two week time span.

(Weekend or weeknight options for outdoor classes)


$375 (plus GST)
(includes 8 hours of instruction and a hands-free leash)

50% off regular price for a second dog from the same house enrolled in the same session.

club360 members can save up to 25%

Graduates of jumpstart are eligible for clevercanines dayschool

Graduates of jumpstart will receive 10% off the core program and early registration privileges.

NEW!  Socialization Package available for dogs who are enrolled in jumpstart and are 7 months old and younger!  We are offering a one time purchase of 5 dayschool visits for only $150!  That is a 33% savings at $30 a visit where regular price is $45 per visit! This is available for purchase when registering for your selected program. * one time purchase only, expires two months after first visit to dayschool.


Martingale collar and six foot leash (an exclusive clevercanines hands-free leash is included)

clevercanines jumpstart dog training classes provides education and experience for you to create the foundation for a well-mannered dog you can trust in all situations.

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