influencing reactions and behaviours seminar tricks for treat seminar

To participate in the Trick for Treat classes you must watch the seminar and then complete a short questionnaire.

Please email to receive the password for the video.


tricks for treat questionnaire 

trick titles

So you’re interested in getting a Tricks Title! Here is what you need to know:

In order to receive a Novice title, you’ll need 15 points. Novice and Intermediate tricks are worth one point each and Advanced and Expert tricks are worth two.  Please refer to the novice | trick title list & intermediate | advanced | expert | trick title list

all club360 members are core graduates and therefore can already execute the following 10 skills:

  • balance beam/ ramp (up)
  • doggy push-ups
  • down
  • hand signals (3) (snap sit, stop, recall follow up etc)
  • hide & seek
  • sit
  • stay
  • walk on loose leash
  • stacking (from intermediate list) (stand)

Therefore to apply for your Novice title you need five more tricks. In the Novice class the following tricks are introduced: peek-a-boo, roll out carpet, spin circles, take a bow, touch my hand, target mat/go to mark (from intermediate). In addition, you can use the games discussed in the seminar, 1) laundry basket game 2) which hand holds the treat 3) muffin tin game. You can also do any of the other tricks on the list if you have them.

Remember, the tricks need to be done without a lure and should be done on command (either verbal or hand signal). For the novice title, the trick does not have to be perfectly executed. As long the dog is trying and understanding what you are asking.

In order to apply for your title you need to videotape your tricks and send them to or post on the club360 Facebook page. The video does not have to be great quality and you can send in any format, including a youtube link. You do not need to video the tricks listed that you would have done in core (9 tricks worth 10 points). Just video the five extra tricks from the list. Once the video has been approved, you can then follow the video instructions – how to apply. In no time you will get your very own trick title and certificate! 🙂

how to apply video tutorial


leash handling skills


Regardless of how cold it is, it’s still important to take your dog out for walks everyday. Break your walk into small time increments and move swiftly to generate some heat and repeat a few times throughout the day. For example, get out four times during the day for 10 to 15 walks, practicing loose-leash walking, direction changes, and alternating the speed of your pace.