Welcome to club360!

club360 is your hub for all things canine. This community provides complete support for you and your dog all year long. It’s an all around amazing experience! Our club360 community is built on;

  • A passion for understanding how our dogs communicate, behave and learn so we live a better life together
  • A commitment to creating a positive, well-balanced environment for our dogs so we can enjoy new experiences and live together in a worry-free way
  • A willingness to connect with other like-minded dog owners to have fun and share our canine lifestyle!

What do you want to see?

We’re open to hear about what skills, information or programs you’d like to have included in the club360 experience. We’re continually working to offer new and exciting activities and make your favourites regularly available. Send us an email or give us a call with your ideas.

As a member, you’ll be the first to know of new programs and classes.

discounts and savings

More than just a cute picture of your dog…



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  • 10% off Optimal Pets retail store
  • 10% off rentals at the Calgary Outdoor Centre
  • 10% off all food and beverages at Fionn MacCool’s
  • 12.5% discount initial visit, 20% discount subsequent visits at Peak Performance Animal Chiropractic
  • Photo Session from Robert J Scott Photography for $150; includes digital copies of all shots, and one printed enlargement

To redeem your savings, simply give your name!

Morgan, Coco Channel, Moose, Milo

Morgan, Coco Channel, Moose, Milo

More than just discounts on “stuff”

Your club membership also entitles you to discounts off of any registered clevercanines training or sports programs! We’re pleased to offer a scaled discount for continuous renewals – they longer you’ve held a membership, the more you save.

1 year – save 10% off regular prices classes
2 years – save 15%
3 years – save 20%
4 or more years – save 25%

And with a second dog from the same house enrolled in the same session – save 50% off regular price classes!


multi-dog membership

For classes held in the packshack or dogden: If you have a two dog membership, and you wish for both dogs to attend the same class, you must reserve two spots in that specific class to account for each dog’s attendance.

Please note: The waiting list will not allow you to save two spots, or add yourself if you are already registered in the class. If you come off the wait list and would like to bring your second dog, you must contact the office for approval before the start of class. While in most classes we can accommodate the second dog, certain class sizes, varieties and locations will determine if the second dog is able to attend.

shoe policy

clevercanines may choose to move a class indoors based on the specific packshackA dry, clean space ensures safety for both humans and canines, and for that reason we require clean, dry soft-soled shoes for all indoor classes.

weather policy

-20 or colder, class is cancelled
-19 to -14, class time is reduced to one hour and replaced by a brisk walk instead of what was scheduled
-13 or warmer, class will go ahead as scheduled
These temperatures include the windchill.

clevercanines consults The Weather Network for current temperature listings 

If a class will be cancelled, we will notify you by emailing your primary email address on file 3 hours prior to the start of class.  If we can move the class indoors instead of cancelling, we will notify you in the same manner.

If you are unsure as to if class is a go or not, feel free to contact us at 403-226-BARK (2275)

cancellation policy

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy that is strictly enforced.

If you cannot make a class you are registered for, you must cancel your reservation. If it is 48 hours or less prior to the start of your class, you will be marked as a late cancel.

no-show policy

No-shows are NOT tolerated. If you no-show to an event, you will receive an email that will state your missed class. After 3 no-shows you will be held back from being able to register for an event until 24 hours prior to the start of the class, at which point you will need to contact the office directly to see if there is room for you to attend and sign up.  This will give all other club360 members a chance to sign up first. This will begin the following month and last the duration of that month, before your full access privileges have been restored.  In the case of a true emergency, clevercanines will consider not having your absence count as a no-show.

special event policy

Special Events require 72 hours notice if you need to cancel your reservation. There will be a$10 cancellation fee if you cancel with less than 72 hours notice before the event. NO-SHOWS to a Special Event will result in the $10 fee PLUS it will count towards our no-show policy as stated above.

other important details


A registration form as well as a signed release and medical disclosure form from each participant must be submitted to our office prior to participation or observation in class.  If you have questions about these forms, please feel free to contact our office or talk to us at the seminar.

Release form   Everyone over 18 years of age who will be participating or observing in class must complete one of these forms. For individuals under 18 in each family, there are up to five spots on the form. Please ensure that any guests who may accompany you to class have completed this form prior to the class date.

Registration Form  You most likely completed this form when you paid for your class.  If you have participated in a clevercanines program previously, and would like to update the information that we have on file, please complete this form again filling out only the information you would like to update. If there is nothing to update, then you do not need to complete a new form.



You must have a martingale collar and a six foot leash in order to participate in class. We also highly recommend having a JacTrac hands-free leash. When purchasing the collar, please ensure it is both fabric and chain, not 100% fabric.  For more information regarding the tools required for class, please click here.

where to purchase

Unleashed, 2719 – 14 St SW
Print this coupon for Unleashed to receive 10% off your required gear!

Unleashed has a great selection of good quality equipment.  Don’t forget to bring your dog!  They will fit the collar for you to ensure you purchase the correct size.

send us a photo

We require a headshot of your dog.  The photo should clearly show your dog’s face.  This photo will be used on your club360 membership card.

class details

dress for the weather

Unless otherwise stated, all club360 classes take place outdoors. At times we will be moving quickly, but at other times we will be standing still as you receive instruction. Good gear makes all the difference in being comfortable by allowing you to focus and participate. We suggest wearing layers and to avoid wearing cotton next to your skin. Wear good shoes, as we do a lot of walking. Calgary weather is unpredictable, so on those “inbetween” days, you may want to bring a small day pack with extra layers to make sure you’re ready for anything.

bring the pack

It is helpful if everyone who lives with the dog participates in the training. This ensures that the whole family is on the same page and understands what is required to produce the results you desire. After all, consistency is the quickest way to see positive and lasting results with your dog! All our classes are designed so that every member of the family can participate – just make sure everyone has signed a release form.

children in class

child policy

be on time

We will respect your time by starting on time.  And we ask that you please respect your fellow class-mates by being on time. We may not always stay in the place where we meet or start class. We often leave the area, especially at the beginning to help release some of the group’s energy. If you arrive late, you may not be able to find us and you may have missed some important information that we delivered to begin that lesson.

late or lost?

Store our phone number in your cell phone and give us a call at any time. We always have the clevercanines phone transferred to someone who can notify your instructor, or help you find the group should you be late or lost.  (403) 226 BARK (2275)