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In order to attend your selected program, you must have pre-purchased credits for that specific program.  As long as there are credits on your account for the program of your choice, you are welcome to make a reservation.  The reservation system will track how many visits you have on your account for each program. Payment must be made and processed before you can secure a spot in a classroom.

Need to purchase more credits?  Use the ‘purchase credits’ tab found in the top right hand corner of the Event Reservation System

how to reserve classroom time

You must be logged into the reservation system in order to reserve a spot in a class or add yourself to a waiting list.

Click the tab that relates to the program you would like to book for.  The system will default to dayschool.

Click on the class title to view the description of the event, which will include location details, qualifiers (if applicable), and other necessary information.

Select the ‘sign up’ button and secure your spot.  If you do not see the ‘sign up’ button, it may because you are out of credits for that particular program.

For dayschool you can book one day at a time, or multiple days, based on the number of prepaid visits you have on your account.

Dogs that are dropped off at dayschool without credits will have the daily rate charged to the credit card on file.

To attend club360 events, you must be a graduate of core and have purchased a club360 membership.  Membership lasts for one year from date of purchase and can be renewed each year.  You are welcome to sign up to as many club360 events as you’d like throughout your membership.

Please check your schedule prior to reserving classroom time, and ensure you meet the requirements of the event you wish to attend (when applicable).  If you cannot make an event you are registered for, you must cancel your reservation. As an alternative, you can or email us at, or call us at (403) 226 BARK (2275).

waiting lists

Is the classroom booked?  We have limited space in our classrooms each day. If the day you want is full, you may add your name to the waiting list and our system will automatically bump the first person on the waiting list into the classroom should someone cancel their reservation.  An email will be sent to your primary email address to notify you that we will be expecting your dog on that day.

please note: You will not be charged credits for remaining on a waiting list. If, however, you are added to a class from the waiting list, we will be expecting your dog, and therefore a credit will be charged.  You can cancel yourself from the waiting list, or from a class you’ve been added to, simply by going to the ‘my info’ tab within the reservation system.  (Please view our cancelation policy to see how not showing up for a class will affect you.)

Waiting lists are monitored and help us to plan for growth and future classes.  Based on the number of dogs on a waiting list, we may choose to adjust our staff to increase capacity, add another class, or repeat the class more frequently.  Essentially, when classes are full and/or we see people on our waiting lists, you are telling us what we need more of!

need to cancel a reservation?

Simply visit the “my info” tab, select “my schedule”, find the class you want to cancel, and hit “cancel” found on the right hand side beside the class name.  Cancelations with less than 24 hours notice will result in a forfeit of your credit.

All cancellations for club360 must be made at least 48 hours prior to the start of class.  If you cannot make a class you are registered for, you must cancel your reservation. If it is 48 hours or less prior to the start of your class, you will be marked as a late cancel.  To see how not showing up to an event affects your membership, view the Policy section.

All cancellations for dayschool must be made 12 hours prior to the start of classIf you cannot bring your dog to dayschool on a day you are registered for, you must cancel your reservation. If it is 12 hours or less prior to the start of dayschool, you will be marked as a late cancel and charged for that day.

To access the below Event Reservation System and book classroom time, you will need to enter a password and username found in the top right corner of the event scheduler .  Your username and password were sent to you in an email when you signed up for club360 or dayschool. If you wish, you are welcome to change your password by choosing “my info” once you’ve logged in.  Send an email if you’d like us to resend your log in details.

how to use the event reservation system | step by step guide to signing up for events

purchase additional credits | step by step guide on how to receive additional credits that can be used immediately

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To allow same day bookings for dayschool, the class start time has been adjusted to overcome a system limitation. dayschool will still operate during regular hours (6:00am – 6:30pm) as noted under class details. Please disregard the noon start time found on the left hand side of the page.

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