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Our reputation for creating positive, life-changing results for our clients is built on this comprehensive program. core is lifestyle training – we teach you how to educate your dog. With a deep understanding of canine behaviour and psychology, combined with real-life class experiences, you will have all the tools to create a well-balanced dog that you can manage and keep safe in any situation.

This one comprehensive program covers everything you need to know to progress from loose-leash walking to having your dog off-leash walking beside you! This is all done while helping you become your dog’s greatest reward.

A positive relationship based on mutual trust and respect – that’s the foundation for you to experience freedom with your dog!

Continuing with our two successful formats – classic and hybrid!

core class

core class

With the covid-19 shut down last spring we were forced to get creative and take our core program online, and we had great success in getting both dogs and their owners trained!

Out of this unexpected change we found delivering the core curriculum online really works and it works especially well when combined with in-person coaching classes.

Given the great feedback we’ve received, we have decided to offer core in  TWO formats this spring!  We will of course offer our classic format of three in-person outdoor classes a week AND we will also be offering a hybrid format that combines both online and in-person classes!

The hybrid format will deliver the weeks curriculum in two sessions with an instructor over Zoom in the comfort of your own home! Sessions include lesson and skill delivery, demo videos, practice time where the instructor will provide coaching and feedback, discussion time, and Q & A time at the end of each class.  The third session in the week will be held in-person, outdoors, with your instructor in order to ensure the skills you are learning and practicing are being executed correctly. The in-person classes will follow the same style as the classic format where we meet at different outdoor locations and practice our skills in fun, real life situations. 

The hybrid format allows you to interact with a live instructor at all three weekly sessions and also allows for more flexibility in your daily schedule.  (Do you hear what I hear…?  No commute and a glass of wine while you train your dog?! 😉) 

The hybrid format is perfect for dogs who are reactive, for dogs who get overly excited to the point they lose focus, or for dogs who are nervous/anxious/fearful of other dogs/people or of new environments. By introducing new skills and practicing in a familiar environment (your home and neighbourhood) with limited distractions first, allows a dog to gain confidence, focus, and learn the skill easier before going out in more distracting or challenging environments.  It can be way less stressful for a nervous/anxious/fearful dog when they already know or have been introduced to the skill prior versus learning it when they are concerned, uncomfortable, or worried about their environment.  Then you can work with a pro each week for extra skill support and practice the skills you’ve already introduced in a group setting. The hybrid format is also beneficial for people or canines with mobility restrictions. 

The classic format will be delivered the same way you’ve seen and heard about; outdoors, in a group setting, three times per week, rain, snow, or shine. 

The classic format is great for dogs who need to practice impulse control or require more confidence in different environments.  It is also great for dogs who have good skills already and are joining core to reinforce skills and/or up the challenge of distractions.  This format works well for dogs who like and are comfortable around other dogs/people.  This is also a fun format to repeat core, especially if you’ve done the hybrid or online core class in the past!

Both choices have a total of 23 sessions, however the curriculum does differ slightly as we are able to cover a few additional skills, a couple complex and cool tricks, and other brain-games in the hybrid version that are not workable in a group-class setting.  This ends up providing a few more options or alternatives to increase your learning.

You are now able to choose the option that best fits your lifestyle!  We are confident you will receive the best training available no matter which core you choose.

We understand you’ve probably got some questions and we can’t wait to hear from you!

What to expect in HYBRID core:

  • live 2 hour introductory seminar via Zoom
  • 15 live Zoom classes over 8 weeks
  • 7 in-person coaching sessions with your classmates over 8 weeks
  • online reference material and access to all demo videos for reference while working on your own
  • additional materials & games not taught in classic core
  • a reduced price is available for people outside of the Calgary area or who only want the online version (no in-person classes)

What to expect in CLASSIC core:

  • live 2 hour introductory seminar via Zoom
  • 22 in person classes over 8 weeks

What you can expect in EITHER core option:

Sophie, Lola and Calla

Sophie, Lola and Calla

  • a live online 2 hour introductory seminar prior to start of program  with inspiring information to set the stage for your training
  • 23 classes available over 8 weeks
  • lessons on Canine Communication and behaviour problem solving
  • online reference material
  • in-class application of fundamental canine psychology and behaviour
  • progression from on-leash to off-leash walking.
  • fundamental skills: loose-leash walking, focus, recall, patience, stay
  • fundamental obedience: sit, down, stand, stay, recall, let’s go, wait
  • advanced skills: stop, distance work, distractions
  • safety: stairs, vehicles, travel, etc
  • greetings: human to dog, dog to dog
  • canine massage
  • basic canine first aid and emergency responder protocols
  • praise and reward: learn how to truly Be the Cookie
  • support and confidence building for reactive or shy dogs
  • games, mental stimulation, play and contests
  • getting your specific behaviour issues addressed and more coaching from you Instructors
  • personal video review and coaching to help support your progress
  • opportunity for ongoing support and to connect with like-minded dog owners
  • access to an interactive library full of supporting material
  • core Journal
  • 10% off coupon on your purchase of required gear (leash/collar) from Unleashed



Sasha and Roxie with their friends

Sasha and Roxie with their friends


23 classes, 3 times per week

Each hands-on live lesson is 1.5 hours long


This comprehensive program is $975 (plus GST)

50% off regular price for a second dog from the same house enrolled in the same session

Save 10% by completing pupstart or jumpstart prior to taking core, or for taking the core another time.

club360 members can save up to 25%.

Participants of core are eligible for 10% off of clevercanines dayschool.

OUT OF TOWN? No problem! Give us a call to discuss your options.


Martingale collar and six foot leash (the clevercanines “Trainers Edition” hands-free leash is recommended but optional)

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clevercanines core dog training classes provides comprehensive education, information and hands on training to develop a lifetime of freedom with your dog.

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