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Our reputation for creating positive, life-changing results for our clients is built on this comprehensive program. core is lifestyle training – we teach you how to educate your dog. With a deep understanding of canine behaviour and psychology, combined with real-life class experiences, you will have all the tools to create a well-balanced dog that you can manage and keep safe in any situation.

This one comprehensive program covers everything you need to know to progress from loose-leash walking to having your dog off-leash walking beside you! This is all done while helping you become your dog’s greatest reward.

A positive relationship based on mutual trust and respect – that’s the foundation for you to experience freedom with your dog!

How it works!

core class

core class

This program starts with a two-hour introductory seminar, which will set the foundation for understanding your dog better, why they behave the way they do, how they learn and how we can unknowingly contribute to their behaviour. 

core is great for dogs who need to practice impulse control or require more confidence in different environments.  

We progress from loose-leash to off-leash walking, you’ll learn how to build and advance reliable commands (sit, down, stand, and recall), including how to build in distractions to proof those skills, and many other life-lessons and supportive commands!  We will show you how to engage your dog on the walk with more focus exercises and build your dog’s confidence through introducing them to many different environments and experiences.  In core we teach you how to ‘be the cookie’, meaning you become the most exciting reward for your dog which develops your relationship through engagement.  We cover dog-to-dog and human-to-dog greetings, help our dog’s learn impulse control, have fun with games and play, and work through challenging behaviour.  Overall, core is a lifestyle program that helps you build new habits and a solid relationship with your dog that is built on mutual trust and communication

What to expect in CLASSIC core:

  • live 2 hour introductory seminar via Zoom
  • live 3 hour communication & behaviour seminar via Zoom
  • 22 in person classes over 8 weeks

What you can expect in core:

Sophie, Lola and Calla

Sophie, Lola and Calla

  • a live online 2 hour introductory seminar prior to start of program  with inspiring information to set the stage for your training
  • 23 classes available over 8 weeks
  • lessons on Canine Communication and behaviour problem solving
  • online reference material
  • in-class application of fundamental canine psychology and behaviour
  • progression from on-leash to off-leash walking.
  • fundamental skills: loose-leash walking, focus, recall, patience, stay
  • fundamental obedience: sit, down, stand, stay, recall, let’s go, wait
  • advanced skills: stop, distance work, distractions
  • safety: stairs, vehicles, travel, etc
  • greetings: human to dog, dog to dog
  • canine massage
  • basic canine first aid and emergency responder protocols
  • praise and reward: learn how to truly Be the Cookie
  • support and confidence building for reactive or shy dogs
  • games, mental stimulation, play and contests
  • getting your specific behaviour issues addressed and more coaching from you Instructors
  • personal video review and coaching to help support your progress
  • opportunity for ongoing support and to connect with like-minded dog owners
  • access to an interactive library full of supporting material
  • core Journal
  • 10% off coupon on your purchase of required gear (leash/collar) from Unleashed



Sasha and Roxie with their friends

Sasha and Roxie with their friends


24 classes, 3 times per week

Each hands-on live lesson is 1.5 hours long


This comprehensive program is $975 (plus GST)

50% off regular price for a second dog from the same house enrolled in the same session

Save 10% by completing pupstart or jumpstart prior to taking core, or for taking the core another time.

club360 members can save up to 25%.

OUT OF TOWN? No problem! Give us a call to discuss your options.


Martingale collar and six foot leash (the clevercanines “Trainers Edition” hands-free leash is recommended but optional)

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clevercanines core dog training classes provides comprehensive education, information and hands on training to develop a lifetime of freedom with your dog.

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