Year-round support. All around good fun. That’s club360.

Once you’ve completed the core program, the opportunity for you and your dog to continue to learn and have fun doesn’t need to end. club360 is a unique community of clevercanines core graduates, of all skill levels, who connect with each other every month.

What do they have in common? The desire to develop their skills and deepen their bond and knowledge about their dog – and have fun while doing it!

Group walks, classes, hiking, camping, introducing new skills and commands, reactivity classes, special events, even seminars – it’s a dynamic group and resource for all ages, stages and changes in your life with your dog. As a member, you get year-round opportunity to build on the skills you already have while being part of a community of like-minded dog people who want to do the same.

About the club360 experience.



club360 members have over 20 classes per month to choose from – day, evening and weekend. All skill classes follow a similar 1.5 hour format as in core classes. Seminars, hiking and special events vary in length. Each class is designed to challenge you and advance your training.

And there is NO LIMIT on the amount of classes you can take.

Want even more challenges? Not only does club360 offer classes where you can hone and advance the skills you learned in core, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn new techniques and alternate training styles so you can find new ways to have fun and truly experience freedom with your dog.

club360 hike

club360 hike

And if all this isn’t enough, we have social events throughout the year, a special Facebook group and member discounts at all our favourite stores.

Why join club360?

  • Working with your dog doesn’t stop when class does – it’s a daily commitment to create a positive, balanced environment for your dog
  • Dogs change – navigating developmental stages and behaviour changes, even a new addition to your family, are topics many members connect over
  • We change – the goals you had starting core may have been met and you have new goals in mind to help your dog reach her potential
  • You have already created a great bond with your dog – investing in your relationship gives you the ability to experience a lifetime of freedom and have fun together
  • Full access to instructor expertise – the clevercanines team is just a phone call or email away from providing the answer, resources or advice you need
  • Discounts from preferred shops and services support you and your dog in ALL aspects of your lifestyle!

Membership requirements:

Each dog must be a graduate of the core program

Membership cost:

$625+GST per year, per one dog family (all human family members become club members)

Tiered discounts up to 25% off fees, programs and services for subsequent years of membership

50% off for each additional dog per household

club360 memberships are valid for one year from date of purchase and there are three times per year to join.

Current graduates of the core will receive 10% off your first year membership!

Here are a few examples of the classes club360 will engage you and your dog in for years to come:

Skill classes – recall, sit, down, stop, loose-leash walking, off-leash walking

Savvy studies – canine gymnastics, playing with your dog, confidence building, cool commands, distractions, water safety

Adventure – hiking, snowshoeing, biking, camping

Group walks – know your neighbours walks, pup crawls (which end with everyone going to the pub!), urban hikes

Learning Series – seminars, education, trick training (free shaping, luring, chaining, markers)

Special Events – scavenger hunt, Halloween howl, bonfire party, shopping parties (for human and canine gear), pub events

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