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clevercanines team member is a reflection of our core values and philosophy.  Team members are flexible, open-minded, positive, enthusiastic, and passionate.  Every position in our company is a support role; empathy, team-work, and professionalism help to build trust with our customers, between each team member, and with every dog we interact with.  Each team member plays a key role in the success of each dog, from the trust customers place in the clevercanines team when either leaving their dog in our care for dayschool, or in helping them reach their individual goals through our programs.  Overall, joining our team means you are committed in helping our customers to experience freedom with their dog.

Words cannot express how amazing our team is.  Maybe it’s the fact that everyone shares the same core values, or maybe it’s because everyone is so passionate about dogs, but the clevercanines team truly is an enthusiastic and devoted group of like-minded people.  We have fun while supporting one another both in class as well as on our own time.  Together, the sincere care and concern that is shared for each dog allows the team to celebrate success during every shift.  Passion has brought everyone together, and teamwork keeps us together.

If you want to learn more, or wish to apply, you need to begin with reading each tab, select the position(s) that best suit your interest, then complete the application form.

If you’re interested in being an ambassador for the clevercanines lifestyle and to champion canine education, then we want you!

Please review the expectations listed below as we hold all staff members to these standards despite what position they may hold. If you feel like you are a good fit for our team after reading our employee expectations, please click on the position you are interested in using the tabs above and follow the application process.

employee expectations

core values

Our company core values guide us in everything we do and every decision we make, including when it comes to who we have on our team.  We expect that everyone on our team lives and breathes by the same values that make up the driving force of our company.  It is more important to us that we hire for culture fit than it is to hire for specific skills or experience.  Everyone who joins the clevercanines team is required to sign a document stating that they have read, understood and will commit to living up to those values as part of their job expectation.

time commitment

clevercanines offers several programs to our customers, and each program has its own team.  When you join clevercanines, you will become part of a specific team and your scheduled shifts would be based on that program.  Some of our programs run almost daily, some every week year-round, some are just a few days a month year round, others are busy for certain number of weeks each year.  It all depends on what program you become involved in.  You are welcome to be a part of more than one team if your schedule allows for it.  To support each other, we encourage team members to pick up shifts in other programs when someone from another team books time off.

play ‘above the line’ at all times

playing above the lineWe expect our team to play ‘above the line’. Through the trust of our team, we will even call each other out when conversations, comments, or thoughts fall below the line. It is a requirement from our team that we not only stay above the line ourselves, but we also ensure the rest of the team does to.

‘Above the line’, you own the ship and have an OAR to steer it. ‘Below the line’, you make your BED and you must lie in it. By playing ‘above the line’, we take ownership of what is happening around us and accept the responsibility and accountability that goes with it.

When something goes wrong, the easiest response is to blame it on somebody else, find an excuse or deny there is a problem. Playing ‘below the line’ is destructive, as it does not resolve anything and problems get worse. Reacting ‘below the line’ is typical of the victim mentality – failure is a self-fulfilling prophecy for people who think like this.

Playing ‘above the line’ is constructive because taking ownership of, and responsibility for challenges leads to the resolution of problems. Taking ownership of challenges can also ensure that they don’t happen again. This proactive approach is typical of people with a victor mentality. Team members need to commit to playing ‘above the line’ at all times.

corporate training program

clevercanines provides comprehensive training for all roles within our company.  Our extensive Corporate Training Program (CTP) is mandatory for all team members and helps ensure everyone is on the same page and can deliver seamless, consistent support to clients.  The CTP is made up of several modules that will promote success in your role, such as Canine Behaviour, Handling Skills, Client Relations, Communication, Class Management and more.

In addition to the CTP, you are required to be certified in human and/or pet First Aid, depending on your position.  clevercanines offers a discounted human first aid program twice per year.

As part of your ongoing training, all team members will have access to staff meetings and additional training opportunities for education and support.  These may be internal, or you may be required to attend a seminar elsewhere.

corporate expectations

Regardless of what position you assume, there are certain responsibilities and expectations that apply to everyone in the company.

As a clevercanines team member, you will always represent the company in a professional manner. You will be customer service oriented and ensure everyone you interact with, both inside and outside of your program(s), are treated with genuine care so each person and dog feels important, valued and comfortable.  Obsessed with details, proactive to a fault and unwavering high-standards mean you are able to keep all aspects of your program(s) running smoothly and ensure that daily responsibilities are completed either by you or through delegation.  Your interest and understanding in the company vision, along with your attention to detail, will enable you to be proactive and work with your team to coordinate and manage critical timelines, as well as make suggestions and recommendations for ways to improve processes and service.  Equally skilled at prioritization and delegation, you know how to anticipate needs, make decisions, and take action when necessary. Your understanding of the sales experience will support you in suggesting, coordinating and implementing a five-star customer service experience.  Your interest in social media, along with your unique and enthusiastic perspective will keep you involved in the different platforms utilized within the company.  You will be both mentored and be a mentor to every team member within clevercanines.  Therefore you will be expected to convey clevercanines in a positive manner and be a cheerleader for all corporate decisions, processes and developments.  Your participation in Chatter, social media, team events/meetings/training, and attending programs with your own dog will help to demonstrate your leadership, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness for the company.  When communicating, interacting and reacting, you are conscious of staying ‘above the line’ in every situation, and you encourage others around you to also communicate above the line.  You will understand and know the company’s core values and beliefs, and not only agree to adhere to each value, but also lead and inspire other team members to do the same.

additional responsibilities

  • deliver the clevercanines five-star client experience to all clients – existing, new and potential clients
  • be conscious of ways to exceed client expectations each day
  • demonstrate professionalism in conduct and appearance
  • use Dale Carnegie principles when communicating with everyone (covered in corporate training program)
  • communication with clients, your team and the public is positive and solutions-focused
  • ensure constant communication between the team (all conversations with clients, public and team are communicated to the pertinent individual or teams)
  • work with your team to ensure all requirements, duties, tasks and responsibilities have been addressed and met
  • follow program guidelines, systems, processes, policies and procedures unique to your program(s)
  • represent, market and promote clevercanines programs appropriately and speak positively about all clevercanine products
  • encourage clients to actively engage in the clevercanines community
  • honour confidentiality and discretion with both client and team interactions
  • actively engage clients and team to have fun in training environments
  • suggest new, fun ways to engage dogs
  • be flexible and adaptable with your schedule and pick up extra shifts to support the team
  • arrive on time and reconcile hours with team manager to ensure an accurate reflection of time spent in your role
  • be open-minded with program curriculum and embrace change as it happens
  • participate in team meetings
  • participate in continuing educational opportunities to better understand canine behaviour and care
  • participate in clevercanines internal communication system, Chatter, several times every week
  • participate in clevercanines social media initiatives
  • know the clevercanines company vision, mission, and core values
  • abide by, engage and live the clevercanines culture in every interaction with the team, clients and the public, and inspire other team members to do the same
  • be mentored and be a mentor to every team member within clevercanines
  • convey clevercanines in a positive manner and be a cheerleader for all corporate decisions, processes and developments
  • be conscious of staying ‘above the line’ in every situation, and encourage others to also communicate above the line when communicating, interacting and reacting with everyone, inclusively
  • avoid gossip, negative talk about dogs, clients, volunteers, other team members or the company by turning the conversation around into positive, encouraging, and supportive framing
  • adhere to the high standards of our strict safety guidelines

Your role and responsibilities with clevercanines will evolve as your program(s) progresses, and you will be expected to support the growth through your flexibility, creativeness, open-mindedness, enthusiasm and aspiration.