canine cancer detection

about Pure North

Pure North S’Energy Foundation empowers our participants to FEEL BETTER and LIVE LONGER through research-based nutrition and positive lifestyle change. Our goal is to help people improve the quality of their health and live an active lifestyle.

We provide our participants with a personalized program to help them optimize nutrition through high quality supplements and reduce the likelihood of illness in the future, and put in place the foundations for living a long, healthy and fulfilling life. 

The Pure North aims to:
• Help you achieve your health goals
• Optimize your physical and mental health
• Motivate you to make positive lifestyle changes
• Improve your quality of life
• Support recovery of existing illness
• Reduce your risk of developing disease

Research about the Pure North program shows that participants feel better and their health is improved:
• More than 50% of participants have more energy
• 25-50% report sleeping better
• 25-50% are more active and have less joint pain
• 25-50% report having fewer colds and flus
• 30% suffer from less depression and anxiety
• 25-50% have better memory and concentration and less brain fog

Pure North was founded by Calgary businessman and former founder of CNRL, Allan P. Markin.

clevercanines is proud to be able to support the Pure North mission with our experience in training and canine handling. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer are the key research areas for Pure North, and utilizing the training and handling experience of clevercanines, we are confident that our canine cancer detection dogs will be able to make a difference in the lives of many, many people.

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